Biafra: Corps Member Narrates How He Was Nearly Lynched By Mob In River State



A Corps member, Godwin Donatus, narrated how he was nearly lynched by mob for being less biafran in a market at River state.

Donatus through his facebook page recounted how people wanted to beat him up after he asked a trader why he was using a biafran currency in a Nigeria state.

He said;

    Viewing the beautiful sight of the Garden City Port Harcourt i decided to visit the popular mile one market to get some stuffs.

    I was trying to make purchase when i heard a guy shouting the price of what he was selling in Biafra currency, i asked him ” you are using biafra currency in a Nigerian State” playfully, that was the only thing i said, he dropped the cloths move towards me and Asked me who i was, where i came from, who is my president, which State is Nigerian State, as all these questions dropped at once.

    He shouted am a Biafran, my people the next thing i saw i was rounded up in the market, when i look at their faces i know am in Trouble, some of them felt like hitting me, Thank God for my stature and the little Igbo i know, even the guy i wanted to buy something from denied me, i had to speak a little Igbo and declare i was a Biafran.
    Now am trying to process the information in my head, what would have happened if i didn’t admit
    As a Corper

    Nigeria is Ours
    Nigeria we serve.
    I pray for this Country Called Nigeria, History should not repeat itself in a Violent manner.

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