Baby Mama murders 300 level Caleb University student In Lagos

A 300 level student of Caleb University has allegedly been murdered
by the babymama.
The deceased Morrison Akinyemi was said to have been beaten to death
by his baby mama identified as Chidinma during a fight.
The couple were said to have engaged in a fight upon returning from a
party, a fight which led to the untimely death of Morrison.
A neighbour, Mia Seren, narrated the story according to

“Like yesterday, he went for a part then came back around
9. But chidinma was not home, so he called her to ask her where she was. They
sha planned to meet at one place.. When they came back they were with a Mr Biggs
nylon and they went to their room.

Later we heard them fighting in the room
and somebody was hitting someone’s head on the wall.. Chidinma open the door,
she did not open the door… Later we did not hear their voices.
Like 30 mins
later, she opened the door then joy’s mother and bro moor’s wife brother entered
and saw Morrison on the floor.

He was unconscious and he had an injury on his
head, and had a cloth tied to his neck. We rushed him to the hospital then they
said he was gone.”
Adewunmi Gabriel, a friend to the deceased penned a touching
tribute on Facebook, saying:

“I want you to know that I think of
you every day. I want you to know that I miss you more than anything, and I
would give anything to talk to you one last time. I still remember the last time
that I saw you on sunday sept 24th. You were leaving for a party and I begged
you not to leave.
You started cracking dry jokes….I knew I would miss you..
knew it would be a while until I saw you again. For some reason, when I we
hugged…not until yesterday morning our friend Edet told me you died that sunday

I still cant believe this been crying since I cant even get a good
sleep without thinking about you…..You had plans though you were You told me you
wanted the youngest president in Nigeria…
Looking back now, I wish I would
have spent more time with you, shared more stories with you, and made more
memories.But death took you From us…you were our own diego costa the best fifa
player in gbagada.

Thank you for being a brother,a best friend and for being
the most influential person I’ve ever met, for accepting and loving everyone,
and for being someone that impacted the lives of so many. You will never be
forgotten.I will always love you bro..Goodnight Morrison
Adewunmi Gabriel.

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